The Plantery works with your business to create beautiful interior landscapes. 

Plants are more than decorative accents for your space. Plants reduce levels of  dust and carbon dioxide in the air as well as certain pollutants, such as benzene, formaldehyde carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide.

Experience the calming effect plants can have in the workplace. Interior plant-scapes increase productivity and creativity, elevate mood, reduce anxiety and the effects of stress, and provide a sense of connectedness.

With over 40 years of experience in the plant business, let The Plantery design the beauty and benefits of the natural word into your space.

Live Green.

We are family run and use eco-friendly, organic products and pesticides.  With our passion for design and continuing education we stay on top of the most current trends and products.  We specialize in commercial application of interior plants as well as private homes.  We are certified trainers for the Green Plants for Green Buildings program which includes, living walls, green roofs, authentically green interiors, and the economics of Biophilia.  This certification allows us to present to architectural and design firms to fulfill continuing education credits.

Serving the Puget Sound

Located In Gig Harbor, we service South and Central Puget Sound as well as the Kitsap Peninsula. Our passion is to elevate the interiors of our customers.


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